Decadent Belgian chocolate shell stuffed with mini homemade vanilla marshmallows and our signature hot chocolate blend. Pop into a mug and pour steaming* hot milk over to watch the chocolate melt and the marshmallows pop free! (*Milk must be close to simmering, true chocolate has a higher melting point than imitation compound chocolate.) Price is per each.

At this time we cannot accommodate requests for shapes, if you purchase more than one we will send all matching shapes unless otherwise indicated in the notes section.


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  • DELICIOUS!!! I am addicted to these, both milk and dark. I have never been a “marshmallows in my cocoa” person, but these add just the right amount of sweetness. I don’t know how to describe the chocolate flavor, but “pure” and “deep” are the words that come to mind. My 2021 diet plans are history.


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