Individual Care Packages

Price includes shipping, the only items that can be added to this box without charging additional shipping are individual Turtles and Kitchen Sinks, links below. Please use coupon code ‘carepackage‘ for this item, one transaction per address.




Send some gourmet Quarantine survival (or birthday!) love with a hand-written card–including shipping–for $20!

All flavors are gluten-free, a * indicates nut free, a ^ indicates dairy free. Each box has two 4oz bags, flavor choices below. Please use the shipping address field for the recipient and the note field for your personal message. One address per order please. Use coupon code ‘carepackage‘. Share the love!


Milk Chocolate Toffee *

Chocolate Covered Caramel *

Sea Salt Dark Chocolates *^

Peanut Butter Cups ^

Betterfinger ^

Dark Chocolate Dipped Ginger *^

Raspberry Almond Clusters ^

(Add an individual Kitchen Sink (or a turtle!) to the cart and we’ll add it to the box! Only one individual item will fit in the box, if you add more please leave off the coupon code)

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